Take one picture of yourself a day, automatically generate a movie!

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TimeLapse creation using Face Recognition

FaceMovie is a project aiming at helping you create videos of yourself over time. Simply take pictures of yourself, Facemovie does everything else for you.

FaceMovie may be used for faces, but also profiles (to show women along pregnancy for example) or full body (for people workouting). The only limitation comes from you !


Windows executable (Default)

This is the current safest and easiest solution for you.

Download the archive available here.

Uncompress the archive. It contains three elements :

In order to check that everything is ready, open a command line in at the executable location and run the Facemovie helper :

$ cd my\installation\folder
$ Facemoviefier.exe -h

You are now ready to use the Facemovie !

Ubuntu (12.04)

Firstly install dependencies :

$ sudo aptitude install python-opencv libcv2.3 libcvaux2.3 libhighgui2.3 libopencv-contrib2.3 libopencv-gpu2.3 python-numpy

Clone the project from Github:

git clone git://github.com/jlengrand/FaceMovie.git

Open a command line and try to run the Facemovifier :

 $ cd my\cloned\folder
 $ python facemovie\Facemoviefier.py -h

Other distributions

Have a look at the (see complete README).

Sample archive

So that you can start playing with the FaceMovie, I compiled some samples in a archive available here. Simply uncompress it and use the image as input source !

Getting Started

For each of the following commands, Facemovifier should be replaced by FaceMovifier.exe or python Facemovifier depending on your installation method (executable or Source code).

First command

Once installed, let's start by calling the helper of Facemovie. It can be done like this:

$ Facemoviefier -h

Your first movie!

The next step is to try to create you first video. It is no more complex than running the following in command line :

$ Facemoviefier -i input_folder -o output_folder

If you don't have images, you can still test the application by downloading some samples here.

Here is a concrete example :

$ Facemoviefier.exe -i "../data/input/samples" -o "../data/output"

If you want to know more about all available options, please check FaceMovie's README.


This project is released under the new BSD license (3 clauses version). You can read more about the license in the LICENSE file or direclty on GNU's website.


FaceMovie is still a work in progress and is my very first packaged application. I would love to know about your issues or suggestions to make it better !

Please post your issues or feature requests here, so that I can correct/implement them !


I would enjoy having feedback if you like this idea, or even used it. Send me a link to your creations so that I can put them here ! **Feel free to write some words here for any comment or request.

You can contact me at julien at lengrand dot fr, or on my current website.

Oh and of course, if you like my work; you may want to show it :)

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Version : 0.8.2