Ivolution should run on most of Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. It was successfully tested on Windows 7, Windows XP and Ubuntu 12.04.

Depending on your operating system though (understand Linux users :), the installation step may require a bit more work. Please choose below the chapter corresponding to your operating system

Windows (XP, Vista, Seven)

Simply download and run the executable(x86).

Once installed, you should be able to run Ivolution through the icon on the Desktop. Everything should work out of the box without issue. The software has not been tested (yet) on Windows 8, but there should not be major problems to get it running.

Ubuntu 12.04

Ivolution is available for Ubuntu in only a few simple steps. First of all, install Ivolution's dependencies. You can simply do this by running the following line in a terminal :

$ apt-get install python-opencv python-gi python-numpy python-wxgtk2.8 python-wxtools python-wxversion

Note : You'll need administrator's rights to install the packages (usually means using sudo).

Then, download the last stable package and extract here where you want.

Finally, move to the extracted folder in command line and install the package

$ python setup.py install --record ivolution_files

This time again, you will need administrator's right.

Done ! You can now start using Ivolution by running the following command in a terminal :

$ Ivolutioner

Uninstalling the software

Note: The --record option during the install is used to create a list of all the files generated into your system. By default, there is no uninstall solution for python packages and the only solution is to remove all the files one by one.

You can do this by running the following command in a terminal, where ivolution_file is your record file.

$ cat files.txt | xargs rm -rf

WARNING: This command, if not run correctly, may cause damages! Check the record file first.

Other Linux Distributions

For most of all the other Linux distributions, the installation process is similar as the Ubuntu solution but for the first step.

You will have to find the name of the packages for your own distribution, or compile them from source if they don't exist. Here is a list of all the elements you'll need in your system to run Ivolution:

Once all the dependencies are satisfied, you can simply download and install the package using the directions from the Ubuntu chapter.

Mac OS

Up to now, I was not able to create application installer as for Windows. Mac users should for now follow the Linux guide to install Ivolution.

An installer may be provided in the future. You can also try to create it by yourself, using py2app (and in this case, let me know !)