Welcome on the website of the Ivolution project !

Ivolution is a face timelapse generator. Feed it with a bunch of images and it will generate a movie with your face centered on the screen.

Here is a small demonstration of what Ivolution can achieve :

Ivolution uses face detection and modifies the images so that your face always keeps the same size and location over the movie. Images are processed in chronological order, so that you can see your face evoluate over time !

Ivolution uses a really simple interface, so that you timelapse is only two clicks from being generated ! Here is what the current interface looks like :

Main interface

Ivolution currently supports Windows and Linux and was successfully tested on Windows XP, 7 and Ubuntu 12.04.

Ivolution is currently still in early development, and you may face bugs or feel like critical features are missing. In this case, just let me know by sending me a mail or by filing a bug here. I'll be glad to help you !